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Faces | Mixed Media Painting | 16x20" | Framed

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“Faces” was completed on February 26, 2014. A mixed media piece, this painting was made using a blend of deco, oil, and acrylic paint. “Faces” is an abstract work of pure imagination and one of a kind, not painted from a source. 

he final product has been varnished in order to prevent color fading, adding shine and vibrancy. This piece is perhaps the most "off the cuff" of my work, having been created in under an hour atop an older painting. The result features a series of faces trapped within an abstract collage of color.

This piece was featured in:
The California State University, Northridge Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit. Spring 2014.

The dimensions of the piece are as follows:
Canvas Size: 16x20 inches
Frame Size: 20.5x24.5 inches